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‘Listen Up Philip’ (2014) Movie Review

‘Listen Up Philip’ (2014) Movie Review
Listen Up Philip is filled with strong performances, great female characters, and features a beautiful jazz score, but the repugnance of its main character and a lack of direction make it difficult to truly like. This post, 'Listen Up Philip' (2014) Movie Review, is originally from Rope of Silicon, written by Jordan Benesh. … » read more
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To the Point: An Interview With Robert Iza

To the Point: An Interview With Robert Iza
Readers may know Robert Iza's work from the webcomic "The Eternally Injured Ninja" or as a storyboard artist for the Nickelodeon series "Breadwinners". In this interview, Iza discusses his artwork, inspiration, working for Nickelodeon, art shows in galleries, and more. I am pleased as punch to share his work and an insight into his life below.Hey I… » read more