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Box Office Predictions

Box Office Predictions
The Mojo works its Ouija board and comes up with this. ... It's looking like a second weekend on top for Ridley Scott's The Martian. Expect a $32.5 million second weekend, equalling a drop of 40%. This would be similar to Interstellar's second weekend, looking as if it too will finish it's domestic run around $190 million. Second place could be c… » read more
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So You Want to Be a Convention Artist?

So You Want to Be a Convention Artist?
Annette Lee's table at Animazement 2015.Whether it's a game, comic, anime, or another special-interest convention or art show, you may want to know how artists who regularly sell their work at booths in dealers rooms and artists' alleys got their start and make it work in their careers as working artists. I interviewed several artists who sell… » read more