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Animation Breakdown Unveils 2014 Lineup

Animation Breakdown Unveils 2014 Lineup
Week-long slate includes Brazilian feature ‘Boy and the World,’ rare 35mm screenings of ‘Watership Down’ and ‘The Plague Dogs,’ live in-person appearances by ‘Simpsons’ director David Silverman and ‘Superjail’ creator Christy Karacas, and a closing night performance by ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ composer/singer Bob Dorough.… » read more
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Slowdown in China

Slowdown in China
You wouldn't know it from stateside animation production, but in some other countries the cartoon biz is not as robust. Animation industry, once basking in high-flying adulation and rapid development, encounters difficulties of "hard landing" at present. Animation industry in the pioneer cities (including Changsha, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Shenyang, etc.) … » read more
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How to Fix Unwanted Hotspots on Portraits

How to Fix Unwanted Hotspots on Portraits
Bright light can sometimes cause unwanted glare on the skin, especially on men like me who are folically challenged! In this brief video we will combine a couple of retouching techniques that will smooth out and apply some digital foundation that will tone down distracting highlights. In a previous tutorial, Using Frequency Separation to Retouch Sk… » read more